Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Urban Phyton. The literal meanings.

Talking about nature and culture... I am not surprised there's no longer "versus". Do not skip intro!! I remember that my father collected stamps. heh. But, what a name!! Urban animals in the literal sense - city, mass, machine - production.

+ I've just read in some newspaper about artificial beaches and what was funny/scary was the fact that "the roof is drawn aside ONLY when the weather conditions outside are as PERFECT as inside. Marvellous example of creeping mass delusion (in the postmodern hysterical need for the perfect). People have become genius in creating "the perfect human" but now it's time for the perfect world , again - in the literal sense. As gregpio has mentioned the new social spaces are formed, and those spaces are not for everybody. But still, these new spaces that offer this artificial "meeting with nature" (sic!) are going to be so popular that perhaps one day those who can not afford to this luxury, will end up in a green forest or at one of unkept lawnes that now keep them away with 'keep off the grass' signs.

While the perfect human is sitting here... And he has found what this extravagance means. Sorry for being emotional.

Jørgen Leth in "Fem bespænd" (Five Obstructions) 2003.