Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Furious or somebody has stepped on my toes?:)

And actually I think it is quite funny. Me, who are sitting, searching and reading all possible info about the country and the subject, have got some special "private message"! There is a forum on the web about Nicaragua and I have posted a question about malaria. I've read WHO and others' documents about the risk but I am the one who is quite nervous about this stuff so I wanted to get some info from people who are living there and what precautions they take - some personal experiences and so on. And among some encouraging words I've got this:

"Subject: You are doing research? HUH ????
I have written before about this...What are you doing ? You need to know what you are dong before your come to a country...using funds etc....You are looking for a phd...BUt YOU CANNOT GET THE INFO NEEDED TO PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST DISEASE ?i AM SO SORRY...BUT I AM "considered" ELDERLY AND BEEN WORKING MY ENTIRE LIFE IN HEALTH SERVICES. I think you should be alot more prepared. Seroiusly ...how do you epect to do research when you have no clue about living in a country ? Enough...see..you want info..you pay or do your own research Maybe you should thnk about that. you are striving for a degree...that takes more than asking for instant answers. You can cal me a real $%^&*..I don't care. I am ut tired of kids going abut thinking hey can get ihstat answes and get their degrees . OK...Now you answer me. Why have you not done enouh research to know about everyting...you need to know about the area you are becoming a epert in ???? Sorry...I pisked on you...but I see this over and ove and I am so done. Acadenia is really going downhill."

I am just posting this to have some memories after some years from this time. I think I am going to hear a lot of such words during my work. It can actually be a big CHALLENGE not to take things personally! :):):)

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