Friday, October 13, 2006

Tickets bought!

We've bought (all) the tickets!!! The plan is:
18. december - Poland, Christmas etc
January - Frankfurt, visiting Agata :)
7. January - San Juan (Costa Rica) ---- have got excellent tip how to get to Nicaragua. Post it at the bottom.
5. July - back - I am not sure yet if I am going to stop by Poland firts or I will take some vacations later...we'll see.

Oh, and took some vaccinations today.

What more has to be done:
  • travel insurance
  • yellow feber vaccine
  • buy some mosquito netts, repellents, telts or so
  • apply for scholarships
  • try to sublet our apartment for 3 months:/
  • repair and update laptop
  • buy tape recorder?
  • buy memory card to camera
  • make all appointments in Nica before I leave Europe
  • find out what to do with all our stuff here in Oslo, storage costs
  • find out all the stuff with money transfer
  • finish writting my project:):)
  • more?
OMG, time is running...

And the tips from the forum. Thanks Jaime! Really funny:

"One option that was left out, is taking the Pullman directo from San Jose to their private station in Liberia, then walking across the street to the regular bus station and catching a bus to the Frontera (border), walk across the border, and catch bus for the north (and prob. getting on another bus in San Juan de Sur). Its actually pretty easy and CHEAP provided that you speak and understand a little Spanish, have time on your hands, and enjoy the cultural experience of being on un-air conditioned, eventually full or crowded buses. I myself think its a great way to meet Nicas, even though I can afford to take the grey dog (TicaBus).

When in Rome do as the Romans."

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