Friday, November 03, 2006


[This post is actually from Friday, but I forgot to post it and haven't been at home since then. And I've managed to twist my ankle :( Now, when I was looking forward to the first day off and going out in the Marka (check out the picture!! It's Sørkedalen and I was actually living there in 2 years!!! How funny it was to find this on the wiki) or do something fun ... grrr. nevermind. what I wrote on Friday:

Jiippii! Finished writting. It wasn't actually so bad as I had thought. Did I underestimated something? I mean that the assignment question was much more useful that I had supposed. Typisk... I am not totally satisfied with what I had written but I feel good with the thought process I had to go through. Really helpful to my future work. What I have mainly used to illustrate that "a methodological approach can not be dissociated from a theoretical approach":
  • Gupta og Ferguson - critique of "fieldwork" as a result of a dualistic theoretical perspective and understanding of culture as place bounded..... and of course critique of "exotification" of "the others" by Horace Miner (pdf) READ THIS!!!
  • Appadurai - globalization and challenges to traditional methods - ethnoscapes and locality
  • Hastrup - about ethnographic presence and realisme - I-witnessing (Geertz)
  • Postmodernism, deconstructionism and multivocality - reflection over anthropologists' status and authority
  • Research techniques - lack of standardized ethnographic methodological canons (Jackson)
  • Hermeneutic and symbolism, public meanings and observation, "thick descriptions" - Geertz
  • Phenomenology as a theory and research method - Merleau-Ponty, Stoller, Jackson (from Sanjek)
  • Phenomenology and landscape studies, taking materiality seriously - Tilley, Ingold, also some Callon (pdf)
  • Texts, text analysis and intertextuality - Clifford, Barnes and Duncan, Barthes, Iser
  • Discursive data, narratives, discourse - Smith, Dauite & Loghtfoot, Good, Foucault - all methods can be justifiable from the point of view of theoretical paradigm...
Something like this. And some others...
Jiippi. Finished anyway, whatever happens. Free weekend! Hmm, not actually. Taking subway in 20 minutes and go to FAFO to continue surveys... It feels fine.

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