Monday, September 25, 2006

Trying to stand aloof

I am not fighting with thoughts.
It is thoughts WHO are fighting with each other.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

W Malinowym chrusniaku

No tak, trza bylo sie upalic, by przekonac sie do pamietnikow "guru"! No ale teraz wiem, ze warto bylo. Bronislaw Malinowski od podszewki:

"-Dzis rano zrobilem gówno - tego mi widać potrzeba"
(Zeszyt Mailuski. 16.1.1915)

No i dla fanow Kazika:
"Góry ciemnoszafirowe; chmury, kumulusy snieznobiale wsrod ciemnych olowianych cieni na stratusach." !!!!
(Dnia tego samego)

Hehe, tego mi widac potrzeba!
No i nowe wyrazenie: "atak monogamizmu"


Thursday, September 21, 2006




Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Invisible culture?

Wow. Yesterday I met some friends and we were talking about people's fascinations with cultures (in a popular meaning), nations, ethnic groups and so on. And one of them said that she knew one Norwegian that was fascinated by Polish culture. He loved that country and wanted to get know more and more about it and of course go there! There was nothing strange there but what stunned me was that he was blind. Wow - I thought. Allways when people speak about their fascinations with "the Other" the aesthetic qualities are mentioned - somebody likes how Peru national dress looks like, some love japanese architecture, some is delighted with desert landscapes or the drama of fjords. I do not mean that the visual impression is the only one that makes people interested in another culture. No, they are speaking about history, customs, traditions and so on. But, wow again, I've never thought how it is to think about unknown places and peoples that we have no idea how they look like. I mean that the visual shapes so much our (or I should say - MINE) ideas and fascinations... It is unbelievable! I admitt that this reflections can come from my ignoration, and I am ashamed about it. I've just never thought before about what fascination with another country for instance comes from! Wow! Has anyone of you read something of this subject? I don't mean a literature about the cognitive systems and so one. But something more like some reflections about this kind of disability and getting fascinated with other cultures and environments and so on. I know it's out of the blue and quite silly but maybe... :) I don't know, right know I am fed up with my English that sucks and doesn't let me express what I mean. Grrrrrrr. I wonder also if lack of language skills hasn't made this post to some monologue of an ignorant and immature blockhead! To say nothing of possible political incorrect expressions...

Well, nevermind, soon something about how my Nica project is going on - and it is gooooing on:)

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