Friday, December 29, 2006

8 days

I'm terrified.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quick update

One month has passed since I was here last time. Nothing has changed actually. I was just working my ass off. I am in Poland now and yesterday I said farewell to Oslo. No, it was rather "see ya". I am coming back in July.

What has happened since the last post:

1. Finished all exams (still waiting for the results from the last one)

2. Didn't manage to sublet our apartment

3. Got my project polished and approved

4. Got scholarship from SAI! jippi. It means that with the two scholarships I've got I don't need to worry too much about fundings under my fieldwork! Something that still amazes me! I really did it! Wow, I am really surprised how the system works and that it does work!!!

5. I've been promoted to project coordinator at Fafo. It was the same project I was working as an interviewer before - work migration to Norway - but this time the focus was on female immigrants and polish members of Norwegian trade unions. God, what an experience! I am so gratefull for the possibility of being there, for everything I've learned and so satisfied for being able to meet the expectations of project's organizers (it means my bosses). What I've also learned is that I am not the "leader-type" at all. I don't feel well with being a "boss". I'm not good with people. I mean that I can't dictate them what to do if they don't feel like doing this at all. I am so bad in forcing people. I also suck in fighting with things that are so totally absurd for me and can't even try to convince others to do or don't do this or that. Let everyone behave and act upon their own rules, convictions, logics, moral and so. I can do my work and be responsible for my own failures, but I hate answering for others. That was the least funny aspect of this work.

I've also learned so much about the practical procedures behind the survey. Questionnaire translation can turn into a huge issue! (if not disaster:) Interwievers' language skills can be such as well. I didn't realize how important it actually is! It made me really anxious when I thought about my Spanish and so... Ok, it's Christmas time, time to relax, try not to think about this in at least one week!

I've also lost some of my ideals about social science. It's so banal that I'm a little bit ashamed of myself for this finding! Science institutions are also market, factories, manufactures, a huge production... And the geopolitics I was discussing lately with Bartosz is so obvious and apparent...

Anyway, I had to leave Oslo and say no to job proposals there. It's funny and annoying how bad timing it was to offer me so good and interesting job right now... Bittersweet goodbye with Norway. Well, fate is a prankster...

All in all, things are going really well for me and I am satisfied with 2006, especially the last few months. Sometimes I am surprising myself a lot!

6. It's strange being in my hometown, where almost everyone is away. So, I am actually sitting and waiting for my bestfriends come back from here and there. I should make some shopping before X-mas and Nica, but... I don't know, I feel so restless... The first day is allways like that. I REALLY HAVE TO LEARN TO REST, RELAX, DOING NOTHING.

7. Merry Christmas and I hope 2007 will be the glorious one for each of you!

8. I'll try to write something before my departure to Nica to share my panic and nauseas:)