Friday, April 07, 2006

Eugenijus Ališanka and my thoughts

the capitals of empires all smell of spices: bay leaves, black pepper, bergamot
in the middle of the square crystal water pours forth from the lions' jaws
in the architecture one can decipher
the palimpsest of proud loneliness and ennui
the heat of the siesta and the sherry awaken my imagination:
i see the first signs of desire in a girl's face
i already know how it will all end
i will metamorphose into a bull and
i will carry her away to the curonian lagoon
the daughter of toreadors and the mother of my poems
she will bear nation upon nation and my blood will flow
in the veins of the vysla and the nemunas
a lot will happen in my lifetime –
there will be wars and there will be famine
i will betray others and will be betrayed
i will stroll through cities in undarned socks
i will visit my sons-in-law all over europe
mayors heads of state street girls
a lot will happen but i know it will end well
as all journeys do in the land of morpheus

"in the middle of the afternoon i sat with my friend don quixote in a café and sampled sherry"